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Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions

There are three possible methods of obtaining your repeat prescription.

Batch Dispensing:  This is very suitable for patients on regular medication and whose medical condition is stable.  Prescriptions are issued to the community pharmacist for a period of mostly a year and they can be collected without contacting the practice.  Renewals and enquiries/adjustments can be arranged by phone.

Internet access:  If you have computer access it is possible to get access to our online repeat dispensing facility.  You will need a password to register.  Please contact any member of the clerical staff at the practice.

Tick & Post:  We print a list of your medication on the right-hand side of your prescription.  You can indicate what you need by ticking it with a pen and hand it in/drop in the available letter boxes or send by post.  There is a post box inside the building at reception and on the outside wall at the side entrance to the Health Centre.

48 hours:  We will process all requests for repeat prescriptions within 48 hours of receipt.

Repeat medication will be reviewed on an annual basis by our prescribing team. You may be asked to make an appointment for this.

Additional Perscription Information

The Contraceptive Pill/Hormone Replacement Treatment (HRT)

If you are using a combined contraceptive pill/patch/ring you will be asked to fill in our ‘Combined Contraceptive’ form annually. This form collects information to see if your risk profile of using this type of contraceptive has not changed. You will get a script for three months initially and when the form has been filled and brought in a further 9 months of your contraception will be issued.

Patients using HRT need their blood pressure checked every six months and discuss continuation yearly.

Patients on Amber list drugs

Some medications used for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease etc. need regular blood monitoring. Your script will indicate this. Please ensure you follow the instructions and organise an appointment in time to get your monitoring done.

Medications that have potential harmful side effects like addiction or falls/memory impairment

Sleeping tablets are sometimes used, but we want our patients to be aware that long term use is discouraged. This is because they can lead to addiction, tolerance (needing higher and higher doses), hang over feelings during the day, falls and memory problems. If you are concerned about this please don’t just stop your sleeping tablet but make an appointment to discuss this further.

Medication sporadically used for acute anxiety or acute back pain like diazepam is not for long term use. Again, this can have the same harmful affects as sleeping tablets. Please make an appointment if you want to discuss this further.

Some people take high doses of morphine-based pain medication for chronic pain. Research shows that very strong morphine-based medication doesn’t improve pain, but can lead to addiction and tolerance. We invite patients on high doses of morphine-based medication to discuss this with one of us at least every 6 months.