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We run all our surgeries by an appointment onlysystem.

There are different types of routine appointments:

  • Routine appointment or call back with a preferred doctor for an ongoing matter
  • Routine appointment or call back with any doctor for a new problem which is not urgent
  • Routine appointment with one of the practice nurses, treatment room or health care assistants for routine blood monitoring, injections, chronic disease checks as per your annual review

Same day appointments and our Urgent Team

Every day we have an Urgent team ready to assist you consisting of Nurse practioners and/or GPs.   When you feel you need to see or talk to somebody the day you ring us the receptionist will ask you for a few details to make sure your request is dealt with in a timely matter. You will be offered an appointment or call back time. Sometimes, when for example we are dealing with an emergency you will be seen a bit later than your appointment time. The appointment times are shorter compared to a routine appointment as they are there to deal with one urgent problem.

48 Hour appointments

This type of appointment is for problems that can’t wait until the next available routine appointment, but are not urgent. Examples are a chesty cough which you have been suffering from for a while and which is now worrying you or a marked deterioration in your mood for which you are attending a particular doctor.

Home Visits

If you are too ill to come to the surgery and you require a visit at home, please call the surgery before 10.30am. Most days we have a visiting doctor on call who will ring you or your carer back to arrange a visit if needs be. Home visits take up much more of a doctor’s time than a consultation in the surgery, so if you are mobile please come into the surgery to be seen.

Telephone consultations

Sometimes a telephone consultation is a more convenient way to deal with your problem. You can book a routine telephone slot with the doctor or nurse who you were seeing for a particular problem or with any doctor if there is a new problem you feel can be dealt with over the phone.

Treatment Room

You can book an appointment with the treatment room via reception. Usually patients are referred by the doctor or nurse. The Treatment Room opens from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and closes for lunch from1pm-2pm. Patients will be seen by appointment only.

Forms, letters and sick notes

Please mention to the receptionist you are ringing to get a form filled in, to get a letter or a sick note. The receptionist will guide you what the best way is to get this organised as you often don’t have to come in for an appointment. In general we do not fill in forms for Gyms, do letters for schools or for the housing executive. Some people need medical information for their benefit review. We offer a print out detailing your medical conditions and medications. Any other letters are classified as ‘private’ and a fee will apply.

Minor ailments and self-limiting conditions

A lot of ailments are self-limiting and the community pharmacist is the best person to advice you how to deal with these.

Appointment with the Physiotherapist

Our physiotherapist deals with any muscle or joint problem which has been present for less than 8 weeks and for which you haven’t consulted another health care professional as yet. He is an expert in dealing with muscle and joint problems and back pain. Please ask for an appointment with the physio for an assessment and to set up a self-directed treatment plan.

Practice based pharmacist

You can consult our practice-based pharmacist with any queries related to your medication which your community pharmacist can’t answer or for a detailed medication review. Via reception you can book a telephone consultation. Our Practice based pharmacists also run specific clinics eg. for newly diagnosed hypertension.